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Hannah & Chris’ gorgeous Norfolk church wedding

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    I arrived at Hannah’s bridal prep in her field-backed Norfolk Broads annexe to a strangely chilled type of chaos, with barely an inch of the floor left uncovered, but everyone pretty much mesmerised as they watched Hannah ‘s hair & makeup artists transform her into an absolutely glowing bride.

    This was more than a wedding photography job for me though – Hannah and I go way back, having lived together as young graduates down in Swindon. But life happened, we moved to different counties and even countries, and we ended up not seeing each other for 8 or 9 years. If you’d have told me back when I was 23 that the next time I would see her she’d be in a white wedding dress, I’d have spat out my tea (or let’s be realistic, probably vodka at that point in time). So, what an honour being her wedding photographer was!

    uk church marquee wedding photographer london timeless photography

    What I love about Hannah is that she is incredibly thoughtful and brings in so many lovely touches to all the details. A pendant of her late cousin tied to her bouquet meant he was there throughout the most important day of her life, she’d embroidered Mrs Sherwood onto her white Converses, and she’d hand-made many of the other elements of her wedding day.

    But back to bridal prep! A few glasses of bubbly, near-painful belly laughs and an emotional first look from her mum later, the party was ready! And in one of the greatest wedding commutes in history, Hannah & her bridesmaids simply walked across a country road to St Nicholas church, Potter Heigham.

    With Hannah’s mum walking her down the aisle, she made her way to her proud groom, standing tall at the altar in green. Now, St Nicholas church is a wonderful place for CofE weddings, transporting you straight back to the Middle Ages with its original artwork, hammerbeams and 12th century round tower. As a wedding photographer, the interior’s perfect symmetry and gorgeous natural light is absolute GOLD.

    On top of that, Potter Heigham’s reverend, Gary Noyes, is probably the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only did he recognise me from when we were both based in Maidenhead, Berkshire – years and years ago – but he conducted the ceremony smoothly, he clearly had love for Hannah & Chris, allowed me to move wherever I needed to, and he gave us free rein of the church interior and grounds for our couple photo session afterwards. What a guy!

    After a ceremony full of sneaky stolen moments between our two lovebirds in which I’m sure everyone else in the room felt like there was no one else in the room except Hannah & Chris, rain threatened to limit our wedding portrait session, but being rangers for the National Trust, they soldiered on through the sogginess for some of my favourite intimate shots this season.

    By the time we’d finished up at the church, the party was well underway in their tipi palace. As I mentioned, both Chris and Hannah are rangers by profession, so their mutual love of the outdoors meant this would never be an indoor affair, driving rain or not! LOTR references were everywhere, from the rounded post box to the Prancing Pony bar tent, and meals from the local chippie kept everyone well-fed and equipped to dance the night away!

    To discuss wedding photography with me in London and beyond, get in touch here, or to learn more about how I work as a wedding photographer, click here.

    To discuss wedding photography with me in London or beyond, get in touch here!