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Live music photography

    in Berkshire, London & beyond

    Awesome photos that capture both the gig atmosphere and the finer details of your frontman’s face are near impossible to achieve with a phone camera… and that’s where I step in.

    Live music photography isn’t just about getting some nice shots for socials, this is about bringing the spirit of the gig into your shots, so they match your music genre and the personality of your act.

    AS A LIVE MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHER, MY JOB IS TO ALLOW your fans TO feel exactly what the gig was like, even if they didn’t manage to get a ticket.

    The gods know I love a challenge, and live music photography is up there with some of the toughest lighting situations you can find…

    So give me your darkest, your smokiest, your most lasered-up gigs and I’ll jump right in.

    The show is yours, not mine, so as much as I can I try to stay subtle, getting my shots without distracting you or the crowd. With any luck, you won’t even notice I’m there!

    And if my live music photography skills haven’t yet clinched it for you, I spent 4 years working in a musical instrument shop, so I’m also on-hand if you need an emergency restring on your guitar. Now that sounds like a deal!

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    My pricing for live music photography is all dependent on show size, the level of anti-socialness (that’s a word now) of the hours needed, travel time, speed of delivery and commercial usage rights, so please get in touch with me below to discuss building a bespoke package for you.

    “Lauren is like a silent assassin. Every time she has photographed a gig of mine, I never see her, I only see the amazing result of her work. Lauren is a master at finding the magic in any room or subject, and has the technical skill and artistic vision to capture and edit it perfectly. I only wish I could have her at every show!”

    – Joe Hicks, musician

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